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Vietnamese Culture Night


What is Vietnamese Culture Night? Vietnamese Culture Night (VCN) is a free event open to everyone that promotes all parts of the Vietnamese culture such as: language, traditions, customs, arts, and social culture to the community. This year's VCN will focus on the Vietnamese traditional value of a father-children relationship.

SDSU VSA's 11th annual Vietnamese Culture Night: A Father's Shadow - Trailer 

Centered around two complex relationships, the story tells the difficulties of Hoang Quan and Bao Dong, two sons struggling to escape the shadows cast upon them by their distant and overbearing fathers. One battles the fast-paced lifestyle of a distant father, never truly feeling the love and care he needs. The other fights the overwhelming presence of his father, leaving him suffocated, desperately seeking freedom. What defines a true father figure? Is it Binh Minh, who is always busy? Or Nhan Van, who is overly-affectionate? This show will reveal the answer through each son’s narratives.

Cast: The cast is made of our very own SDSU students, each embodying their character. Would you like to know more about the cast? Click Here

Performances: Our Vietnamese Culture Night (VCN) also presents many different performances revolving around the Vietnamese culture. Would you like to know more about what performances there are? Click Here