Check out the video to meet your 2017 - 2018 interns.

The Intern Program is a fun and unique leadership program that allows general members to work more closely within VSA. This year, 6 interns were selected to uphold duties given to them by their Internal Vice President. These 6 interns will learn teamwork, communication, and leadership through given task and expectations in running the SDSU VSA organization.
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Anri Fujiki

Hello hello!! My name is Anri Fujiki. I am a first-year Art major with an emphasis in Graphic Design. I’ve lived in San Diego for a while now, but was born and raised in Japan. I’m generally a quiet and introverted person, but am always down to meet new faces and can talk for hours about things I’m passionate about (like VSA)! I’m thankful for VSA for allowing me to befriend many wonderful people and participate behind-the-scenes as an Intern for this school year. In my free time, I like to listen to rap, write, draw/paint, dance, and explore the city with friends. I love discovering new restaurants, cafes, and photo shoot locations! I also enjoy streetwear/sneakers, bullet journaling, and (some) anime.
I don’t know what else to put lol so that’s about it from me; hopefully I’ll get to learn more about all of you as well.

Major: Art
Emphasis Graphic Design


Belle Phommavong

Hi hello! My name is Belle and I’m one of VSA's 2017-2018 Interns! I am a first year Biology major on a Pre-Med track. Honestly, coming into college, knowing almost no one, I was pretty intimidated. BUT, my anxiety was put aside after meeting all the lovely people of VSA. This organization has become a second home to me and has already given me the opportunity to not only meet so many new faces, but to also learn more about leadership in just a semester!! A little about me, I loooove sleep (but I barely get any…), I love playing sports, binge watching tv shows, spending time with friends and family, and sometimes even just talking. If you need a good listener, I’m here for ya Also, overall, I’d say I’m an introverted extrovert, so I come off as really shy but i looove people so if you see me, come say hi or talk to me, I’m always down for new friends.

Major: Biology


Grant Jung

Hello, everyone! My name is Grant Jung. I am currently a freshman at SDSU pursuing a major in Mechanical Engineering. After my first VSA GBM during my first semester, I instantly felt a bond with the club and decided to later become an intern to become more involved. In my free time, I like hanging out with friends, playing badminton, and exploring new food places. When I am on my own, I enjoy playing League of Legends, listening to music, and sleeping. The quirkier side of me likes K-pop, hip-hop choreography and puns~ Even though I may seem awkward at first, I am always excited to meet new people and create bonds with others so do not be afraid to say hello if you see me around campus. Lets be friends! See you soon.

Major: Mechanical Engineering


Kathy Ho

Hi friends! My name is Kathy Ho and I’m a first year Liberal Studies major. I love being an intern and being in VSA; I’ve made tons of friends and met a lot of amazing people! I’m very extroverted so I love talking to others. If you see me around don’t be afraid to say hi! I love love love corgis, going to the beach/adventures around town, and being with my friends . Let’s be friends!!

Major: Liberal Studies


Nhat Hoang

I was born in the holy hospital known as Sharp, where prodigies are created by the second, I live in the city of San Diego where geniuses (like I), reside, and I attend the highly prestigious State University of San Diego. Luckily, for the city of San Diego, an intern has emerged to become the next webmaster in this time of need! He will update the website and intern harder than ever before! I am a 1st year studying mechanical engineering and I better be your favorite intern! I enjoy volleyball, the outdoors, and making friends! Don’t be afraid to say hello! My name is Nhat and I'm more than happy to be apart of SDSU's VSA.

Major: Mechanical Engineering


Nhi Truong

Hi Everyone, my name is Nhi Truong, one of the interns for 2017-2018. If you're reading this,  you're in the position as I was a semester ago. As a transferred student from San Diego Mesa College, I was very unfamiliar with everything at San Diego State. I didn't do anything besides commute to school for classes. I wanted something something different for my school experience at State. Through VSA and being an intern, not only did I got adopted by my amazing Big through ACE Program, but also got to see how VSA works. In addition, a little more about myself, I'm a big fan of food. I especially love fried chicken and there's always room for dessert for me. Besides eating I like to travel when I'm not too busy with school or work. Hope you enjoyed reading my little bio. Come and checkout VSA. If you have any questions, don't be shy and email us for more info.

Major: Business Management