The Anh Chi Em (ACE) Program is a mentorship program established to situate new members into the VSA community. Anh refers to older male figure, Chi refers to older female figure, and Em refers to younger male or female figure. Through ACE, every Em will be paired with an Anh/Chi that is typically representative of a mentor-mentee relationship. Your Anh or Chi is there to help guide you through your college and academic career. They are not only there when you need them for advice, but also there for you in any given situation. The best part, these pairings very often become something more than a mentor-mentee relationship, they sprout lifelong friendships!

As ACE Coordinators, it is our goal to ensure that every pairing is the best choice and of course, the most compatible.

How does this work?

Typically, the entire process expands across a month being the first three weeks for "socials" or social events (which all new and returning members are invited to) and the fourth week for our anticipated ACE reveal. We require that those who are interested in finding an Anh, Chi, or Em attend at least 2/3 socials because they serve as opportunities for bonding and most importantly, attendance aids in the decision-making process. At these socials, all members who chose to "pick-up" an Em or pair with an Anh/Chi participate in a variety of fun and engaging activities, all while discovering similar interests and bonding over fun (sometimes competitive) games! Based on our observations, the connections made between the Em's and Anh's/Chi's during the first three weeks will be reflected on and finally, the best possible pairings will be made and announced at the ACE reveal.

Applications are now CLOSED

Thank you to those who applied!