The Intern Program is a fun and unique leadership program that allows general members to work more closely within VSA. Interns tend to build long-lasting friendships and gain valuable experience. Under the supervision of the Internal Vice President, Interns will learn about leadership, communication, teamwork, the VSA organization, and more! Interns will have the chance to work alongside other VSA Cabinet members and learn about their position as well. Throughout the school year, they will perform various duties per the discretion of the IVP. Though traditionally, Interns are given the opportunity to plan one fundraiser of their choice and host VSA’s Annual Sports Day!

Interested? Find the application here.
Deadline: TBD
Applications are now CLOSED

Eligibility: SDSU student who plans to be an active member* in VSA
*Active member status is achieved by attending 3 VSA affiliated events.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact Sabrina Nguyen at!