Alan Ta

Hello, My name is Alan Ta. I am a 4th year Computer Science major. I have been in SDSU VSA for about 3 years now and was also last years Webmaster. I have grown to love VSA and wish to use my talents to help this club grow and prosper during my year as webmaster. I am a pretty nice and friendly person, so do not feel nervous about talking to me. I want people to have a fun time in VSA so if you are not, talk to me and we can try to solve the issue. I like cars. I am into drifting and prefer Asian cars and some Bimmers. I am not a fan of exotics and American cars. I watch anime. My favorite anime is Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. If you ask those who know me, I LOVE JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE and if you do too, come talk to me, we’ll be best friends.


Computer Science


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Brandon Wong

Hey! I'm Brandon Wong. I'm a 4th year Mechanical Engineer major. I've been apart of SDSU VSA since my first year as an intern. This is where I made most of my friends and memories. I like to cook, play videogames and do boba runs with friends! My main videogame I play is Overwatch and I play more as a flex position. I like watching Netlfix and anime. My current favorite anime is Overlord, I like the gritty, dark tones and world building. If you want to talk/rant about Engineering class hmu! Or if you want to talk about food, anime, or anything just hmu!


Mechanical Engineering


Past Positions and Roles

Treasurer (2015-2016)
Intern (2014-2015)