Traditional Girls

One of VSA SDSU's many performances, Traditional Girls is a dancing routine performed by our female VSA members in uniform Áo dài with fans. Although traditional dances can be performed with an array of different props, what is popularly used are fans and traditional conical hats (Nón lá). For this year's performance, the girls will be working with fans to form unique movements in unison to a more modern song.

Traditional Couples

A classic in VSA SDSU's VCN performances, Traditional couples is a dance routine between a male and a female that incorporates a traditional costume, Áo dài, and a traditional prop, Nón lá. The routine is danced to a Vietnamese song, and depending on the year, could be modern or traditional. This year's couples will be provide a unique performance involving a larger group with alternating teams with their very own unique routines. 

Fashion Show

Displaying Vietnamese fashion, SDSU VSA proudly presents our Vietnamese Fashion Show at our annual Vietnamese Culture Night. As part of our night's performance, we will be displaying different styles of traditional Vietnamese clothing such as, the well known, Áo dài and Áo bà ba

 VSA Modern       

San Diego State University presents the Vietnamese Student Association Modern Dance Group! One of our many VCN performances include our VSA Modern which, hold practices throughout the year. Modern is a branch out of VSA, and its main dance style is urban choreography. For VCN our Modern team constructed a special and exuberant performance that can only be seen at our VCN.