Established in 2013, Film Festival is an annual fall event hosted by SDSU’s Vietnamese Student Association (VSA). Film festival features a variety of short films created by other VSAs all over Southern California. Each film focused on that year's given theme chosen by our very own External Vice President. This event gives each VSA the opportunity to showcase its members’ talents in acting, filming, directing, and much more. In addition, Film Festival presents exhibition films from past and current SDSU VSA’s members, and holds special performances by fellow SDSU students as well.

Check out the link to our Facebook event page: SDSU VSA's 5th Annual Film Festival

You can check out our exhibition film here

This year, proceeds from the 2017 Film Festival will go towards Pacific Links Foundation, a public charity that supports the sustainable development of Vietnamese communities and the enrichment of their cultural heritage. Website: http://www.pacificlinks.org/