Cast of A Father's Shadow

Synopsis: Centered around two complex relationships, the story tells the difficulties of Hoang Quan and Bao Dong, two sons struggling to escape the shadows cast upon them by their distant and overbearing fathers. One battles the fast-paced lifestyle of a distant father, never truly feeling the love and care he needs. The other fights the overwhelming presence of his father, leaving him suffocated, desperately seeking freedom. What defines a true father figure? Is it Binh Minh, who is always busy? Or Nhan Van, who is overly-affectionate? This show will reveal the answer through each son’s narratives.


Nhân Văn - Homer Carrillo

Nhân Văn is a playwright who's is very artistic; he has a big love for his family, but is too involved in his son's life. Through this overbearing behavior, Nhân Văn cannot give his son the space he needs.


Bình Minh - Thanh Luu

Bình Minh is a loving father who is always too busy working to provide for his family. His busy career prevents him from truly connecting with his son. 


Phương Uyên - Eileen Vedar

Phương Uyên is a down to earth mother who is a bridge between Bình Minh and Hoàng Quân. Despite being the bridge, the relationship between the two is still yet to be seen. 


Quỳnh Mai - Jo Chu

Quỳnh Mai is a a loving wife to Nhân Văn and a caring mother to Bảo Đông. 


Hoàng Quân - Rhys Almario

Hoàng Quân is a troublemaker who seeks for his father's attention. Due to his father's busy work schedule, Hoàng Quân retains a deep resentment for his father. 


Bảo Đông - Tin Pham

Bảo Đông is an obedient child but doesn't have much personal space due to the overwhelming appearance of his dad. 


Ánh Tuyết - Tatiana Lai

Ánh Tuyết is Bảo Đông's wife


Ms. Jessica - Kathy Doan

Ms. Jessica is an ambitious drama teacher