Film Festival Director

Kevin Mai

S.O.P(“Hello World!”); Mai name is Kevin Mai and I am a 4th year Computer Science Major. Was on board previously as ICC representative for 2016-2017. Now, I am your Film Festival Director for 2018-2019. If you see me, I’m probably be looking dead, but that’s because I got 8 ams and my last class ends around 8:30 pm. During my gap periods, I’ll be at the office once it opens up, so come to the office if you want to hang, study, cry, nap, or anything. I’m a pretty chill and simple guy. I like to nap, cook, eat, reading books, netflix, crafting, and dying in siege.


Computer Science


Past Positions and Roles

Intercollegiate Council (2016-2017)



Eileen Vedar

HELLO FRENS. I am this year's VCN Director but as you'll soon realize, I am not of Vietnamese descent! I am full Filipino but have always been that random lumpia with all the spring rolls which is why I love this club so much! Also, for Fall semester I will be physically absent from pretty much everything, because I am participating in the Disney College Program at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA. So if you like Disney at all, hit me up! Other interests I have are nothing school related, and everything to do with any form of chicken. I'm excited to meet all of y'all when I get back in January and even more excited for y'all to participate in this term's VCN! Look at the VCN tab on this website to learn more!!


Recreation and Tourism Management

(Sustainable Tourism)


Past Positions and Roles

Active Member

VCN Participant


High School Conference Director

Irene Ung

Hello everyone! My name is Irene and I am a third year Nursing major at SDSU. I'd say I'm a very out going person who enjoys spontaneous plans, coffee shop dates, and really, I love to eat. You can find me reading reviews on yelp or creating another board on pinterest if I'm not studying. As academic coordinator last year, I dreamt of planning (our first ever) high school here I am!




Past Positions and Roles

Academic Coordinator




Timothy Pham

My name is Timothy, you can call me Tim. I like to dance. Business is my passion. I am born in October. My toothbrush is purple. I have a couple of starburst wrappers in the cup holders of my car.


Business (Finance)


Past Positions and Roles

Intern (2016-2017)

Modern Director (2017-2018)